Nanowrimo – To do or not to do?


I am currently contemplating whether or not to do Nanowrimo. And this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It would make me a social recluse for a period of thirty days, as I shut myself in my flat and sit at the computer for as long as I can bear it (having already had an 8-hour episode of screen gazing at work). I would have to pour out words, words and more words onto the blank page which stares back at me with its evil flashing cursor.

The sense of satisfaction at the other end, if I ever succeeded in splurging out 50,000 words, would no doubt be immense. But I worry that I’d do it for the same reason that I would enter a marathon – to be able to say, when I’m grey and old, that I’d done it: ‘Guys, one month I just sat down, and wrote a book.’ They would gaze at me in wonder, and it would have all been worth it. Whether the 50,000 words form any coherent order that even vaguely resembles a novel is another matter. So I decided to compile a clever list of pros and cons to help me out.


–          Above-mentioned sense of satisfaction

–          A tiny inkling of a possibility that it could evolve into a good piece of writing with many, many edits in the coming months

–          Even if I don’t finish, there may be an idea hidden in the depths of my tired mind, that happens to come out in one of my creative episodes

–          A chance to meet fellow writers online and maybe even at one of the events

–          A good way to get feedback from said fellow writers


–          Not leaving the house, other than to go to work and stock up on foods that enhance creativity

–          Consequently developing cabin fever

–          Churning out words for the sake of it, without creating a coherent plot or anything with substance

–          Having friends who are also participating constantly asking me about word count

–          Losing heart half way through and not being able to tell the grandkids in 50 years time…

Verdict? I will let you know in due course… And in case you’re tempted, here are the details:


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